Scott Carper

Scott Carper sees finance as a tool for improving effectivity in the future. He works with the "numbers" side of organizations, using accounting and financial history as a source of information, but focusing on the future through predictive analysis of resource allocation. He has worked as controller, director of materials, and vice president of finance in both the manufacturing and healthcare sectors. Scott has his MBA degree and enjoys making the financial side of business a useful and interesting tool.

Hill Kemp

Hill Kemp has twenty-five years of successful industrial operating, project and management experience and an additional ten years experience in organizational development consulting with a specialties in team-building strategic planning and redesign. His many projects have included consulting services to leading chemical, paper and steel companies including work process redesign, team-building, strategic planning, cooperative partnering, quality training and use of facilitation.

Jim Workman

Jim has nearly 20 years of experience in the technology profession. Many of those years were spent at the University of Pikeville (Kentucky) leading a group of technology professionals that supported complex networks, student ubiquitous computing programs, and leading the way among a number of college and university associations. During his time at UPIKE, Jim served as Chief Technology Officer and Assistant Vice President for Business Affairs, Director of Human Resources.  Jim has a special talent for helping and leading teams of people.   He capitalizes on everyone’s talents, building a sense of trust and maximizing office work flow. Jim combines the rare quality of being an IT professional who specializes on the human component.  He has served in a board of director role with a number of organizations (technology, higher-ed, and community service alike) and currently is the Chair-Elect of the Southeast Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.

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CEATH Company associates are all of the above—plus attorneys, accountants, financial analysts and more. They are experts in their respective fields, bringing years of experience to bear on your challenges and opportunities.

Our goal is to build your internal capabilities for meeting your own challenges. We never want to build a permanent home for ourselves—we assemble a team of experts for your particular challenge, work with you to resolve the issues and leave as soon as you’re ready to handle things on your own. We may start out as consultants, but we frequently end up as personal friends.

Martin Ramsay

Martin is an internationally recognized expert in combining organizational and human resource development with business information technology to leverage organizational effectiveness. He has a background in information systems design and organizational development. He combines this experience when he works on projects with such clients as Vermeer Manufacturing, General Motors, Arvin Industries, the US Army SWCPOC and many others.  He was featured in Fortune magazine as “an expert in the organizational impact of new information systems” who impresses his clients with his “preparedness and clarity.”  The Center for Digital Education gave him their “In the Spotlight” award, calling him one of the “most innovative, hard-working, trend-setting IT leaders in the nation.”  He has led CEATH Company as Managing Director since its foundation in 1979.

Wayne Townsend

Wayne Townsend is an executive manager with a solid record of achievement in situations requiring integration of diverse elements impacting various systems. He has a keen understanding of the critical relationship between business performance and the cultural support environment as well as the ability to analyze issues, design innovative solutions, and implement practical plans. His career with General Motors spanned many years and although he initially worked in the manufacturing and engineering departments, most of his experience has been in sales, service and marketing. He held a number of increasingly responsible positions in both field and corporate functions.

John Paul Ramsay

John Paul focuses on leveraging technology to ensure that organization fulfill their mission. He believes that technology should serve the organization, and not the other way around. He has served as technical support and in software testing roles for companies such as Ashland Oil and Lexmark. He has also served as the Director of Information Technology for small non-profits. At CEATH Company, he heads up the Security Assessment team as well as frequently serving as the technology advisor during client Technology Assessments. Several clients look to him to be their "Virtual CIO" and he provides all of the tier 1 support to the the LAMP Consortium and the LikeBerea Consortium.

Nick Poppenk

Nick has extensive experience in the automotive and training and development fields. He worked for General Motors Europe where he assisted in the design and implementation of components of the GME Quality Network Retail System (QNRS). He also consulted around QNRS implementation issues within Vauxhall, Opel and the NSCs. Nick also had extensive consulting experience with General Motors of Canada. In the past he has served as President of Podemos Performance Inc., co-founder of V/NS Educational Video Inc. and The New Service Alliance Inc., Chairman/CEO of Impco Health Services Ltd., president of Wilson Learning Limited (Canada) and corporate lawyer with McCatthy & McCarthy in Toronto, all of which makes Nick a rather broadly-based and unique individual.

Tony Alexander

Tony Alexander is a transplanted native of the United Kingdom. He now lives in California where his emphasis is leveraging employee involvement while keeping a keen eye on the bottom line. His background includes extensive work in automotive and retail management, where his focus has always been on the customer. Tony now brings this focus and his international perspective to clients all over the globe.

Mark Ramsay

Mark is a communications professional, process improvement facilitator and coach with measurable results in a number of industries. His clients have increased sales, scored highest among their peers in customer service, formalized or refined processes, energized and focused employees, better specified goals, and developed strategic plans for improvement. He loves getting to know organizations and their members. Instead of selling every client the same service, he tailors his offerings to suit each organization’s needs.  Major clients have included Chevrolet, Ford, Buick and GMC.  Mark was a summa cum laude Public Relations major with a minor in Political Science.  He also has an MBA degree and is certified to give and debrief the Myers-Briggs Type Indictor.   

Liane Gray-Starner, Ph. D.

Liane has a doctorate degree in organizational communications which she puts to use working with organizations in industry, academics, and non-profit sectors. She consults to implement organizational change for increased effectiveness in such areas as communications, interpersonal relationships, process design, and training development. She has worked with such diverse clients as the government of Singapore, Saab Opel Sverige, the US Office of Public Debt, and Marietta College.

John Cooper

John Cooper is based in Great Britain where he specializes in organisational change and development. His work with some of the world's best know companies has earned him considerable respect as a leading expert in the field of corporate culture and behavioural change management. Although no stranger to the board room, John's approach to culture change extends, beyond mere strategy, to the practical implementation of change down at the front-line of service or product delivery. For example, after working with the Board of Vauxhall Motors to help them define behaviours required to support a major re-positioning of the Vauxhall Brand in the UK, John was the architect and project manager responsible for the delivery of Brand Awareness training to some 10,000 staff across the UK within Vauxhall's retail network.

John Ramsay, Ph. D.

John Ramsay has a Ph. D. in Mathematics. In one life, he is a professor, growing students to apply mathematics in the real world. But, in another life, he becomes Super Consultant, when he applies his mathematical modeling to real world problems. Some of the problems he has helped solve include improving throughput for Vermeer Manufacturing's agricultural division, helping the city of Wooster, Ohio determine the sequence of street repaving, and calculating the placement of stress grommets on giant building banners.


Terry Golightly

Terry is an expert in the application of technology to the learning process, whether in person in the classroom, or at a distance using leading distance education techniques.  Her forte is Sakai, the enterprise ready open source learning and collaboration management system.  She was a part of the team that deployed Sakai to a dozen small colleges in the Central Appalachian Mountains through the LAMP consortium.  LAMP was subsequently awarded the Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in 2008.  Terry is actively involved in providing Sakai support for the LAMP consortium as well as conducting regular Sakai training at the annual CEATH Company Sakai Conference.

Loren Ramsay

Loren has a masters degree in chemical engineering and 20 years of experience in groundwater supply and contamination. His background is in consulting, but he also teaches courses at engineering schools and universities. His wide international experience includes contamination investigations at the DOE sites in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, design of arsenic removal plants for European water supplies, investigation of radioactivity at Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant, Lithuania, and groundwater remediation at major well field, T¨ököl Air Base, Budapest.